The Fred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike is a race organised by Arista Eventos S.L.U. in collaboration with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Town Hall of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.


The Transgrancanaria Bike will be held between 16 and 19 May 2024, with a programme of stages as follows:

1 Thursday, 16th May 31 km Cercados de Araña – Cercados de Araña
2 Friday, 17th May 23 km Parque Sur Maspalomas – Ayagaures
3 Saturday, 18th May 45 km Cañón del Águila – Cañón del Águila
4 Sunday, 19th May 70 km Parque Sur Maspalomas – Parque Sur Maspalomas

The Transgrancanaria Bike is an individual race.

Participants can register for the complete programme of the 4 stages (All Stages) or sign up for any of the stages independently.

The competition is held in accordance with the technical and sporting regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.

The participants of the Transgrancanaria Bike must:

  • Participants in the Transgrancanaria Bike must:Be over 18 years old to participate in the All Stages.
  • Be over 16 years old to participate in the individual stages.
  • Hold a competition cycling licence, approved by a national cycling federation and by the UCI. Those who do not have an annual licence for competitive cycling must obtain a temporary licence, approved by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC). It is possible to acquire this temporary licence with the registration, by selecting the option of the compulsory accident insurance.
  • Read and accept the rules and disclaimer of the event.

Anyone wishing to participate in this competition must register via the official website: In order for the registration to be valid, it is compulsory to fill in all the information requested on the form and pay the registration fee.

The deadline for registration is 15 days before the event or as soon as the available places are filled.

You can see the registration deadlines and prices in this link.

The registration fee is not refunded if a participant is disqualified or drops out of the competition.



De cara a la Transgrancanaria Bike 2024, los participantes tendrán dos opciones para anular su inscripción:

1. CONTRATANDO EL SEGURO DE DEVOLUCIÓN. Cada modalidad tendrá un seguro de devolución que contemplará la devolución de la inscripción.

La devolución será efectiva hasta 30 días antes de la carrera (excepto el importe del seguro) dados los siguientes casos debidamente justificados a través del correo electrónico

  • Una lesión o enfermedad grave, accidente, o defunción del corredor, de su cónyuge o pareja o sus ascendientes / descendientes de primer grado.
  • Una enfermedad grave que precise hospitalización o el deceso de su cónyuge o pareja o sus ascendientes o descendientes de primer grado hasta treinta días antes del evento.

2. SIN CONTRATAR EL SEGURO DE DEVOLUCIÓN. El participante que no contrate el seguro de devolución en el momento de la inscripción podrá tener un reembolso de un porcentaje del importe total de la inscripción atendiendo a las siguientes fechas:

  • Hasta el 19 de abril de 2024: Reembolso de un 50% de la inscripción

Después de esta fecha, la organización de la carrera no reembolsará en ningún caso el importe de la inscripción a aquellos participantes que no hayan contratado un seguro de devolución.



CAMBIOS DE MODALIDAD. Estarán permitidos hasta 30 días antes de la carrera. Los participantes que se cambien a una modalidad mayor deberán pagar la diferencia correspondiente. Los participantes que se cambien a una modalidad menor recibirán el reembolso de la diferencia de la inscripción.

CAMBIOS DE TITULARIDAD. Estarán permitidos hasta 15 días antes de la carrera. Los participantes que quieran ceder su dorsal a otra persona deberán comunicarlo en tiempo y forma a través del correo electrónico


Participants must behave in a sporting and honest manner, respecting the organisation and competitors, in accordance with the rules and on an equal conditions.

Care for the surroundings and the environment is a basic premise. It is compulsory to respect crops, livestock and public and private property in general. Participants will be responsible for any damage caused as a result of this type of behaviour.

Road safety is another very important aspect. The organisers may or may not close public roads and participants must respect the rules of the road in towns and on public roads and highways.

In addition, participants will be disqualified from the competition if they display paramilitary attitudes, make apologies for terrorism, show violent or xenophobic attitudes, or litter in the countryside.




The organising entity reserves exclusive rights over the image of Transgrancanaria Bike, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition. Any media or advertising project must first have the express written consent of the organisers. If this is not the case, any legal action deemed appropriate will be taken.



It will be compulsory for runners to use and place in the indicated space the advertising material provided by the organisation (race bibs, stickers, etc.). Modifying, folding or hiding the advertising material will be PENALTY. Furthermore, it will be the responsibility of the participants to maintain said material (race bib, stickers, etc.).



By registering for any of the Transgrancanaria Bike races, participants give their consent for the organisation of the race to automatically process their personal data for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes only.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1995 of 13 December 1995 on the Protection of Personal Data, participants have the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel all or part of their content. To this end, a written request must be made to the following address:

In addition, those registered expressly grant the organisation the right to reproduce the name and surname, the classification obtained and the participant’s own classification, the category, the sports brand and the image of the participant.


The aid stations and technical assistance areas are properly signposted along the route. These have everything necessary to cover the food and hydration needs of the participants during the stage.

The aid stations coincide with the technical assistance zones, unless otherwise indicated.





The rankings for each stage are made according to the time taken to complete each stage, plus the accumulated time penalties.

The sum total of the time of the completed stages and the total of the time penalties, establishes the general classification.

The following classifications are established:

  • Absolute
  • Elite Men
  • Elite Women
  • Master Women
  • Master 30 (male)
  • Master 40 (men)
  • Master 50 (men)
  • Teams

Any participant who does not officially complete a stage is out of the classification and is not considered a Finisher.


Elite Male. A male who must be 19 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. He must hold a homologated licence for competitive cycling. Those who do not possess such a licence will not be awarded UCI points or prize money.

Elite female. A woman who must be 19 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. Must hold a homologated licence for competitive cycling. Those who do not hold a licence will not be awarded UCI points or prize money.

Master 30 (male). A male who must be 30 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. He must hold a homologated Master licence for competitive cycling. Holders of an Elite licence are not eligible to compete in this category.

Master 40 (male). A man who must be 40 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. He must hold an approved Master’s licence for competitive cycling. Holders of an Elite or Master 30 licence are not eligible to compete in this category.

Master 50 (male). A man who must be 50 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. He must hold an approved Master’s licence for competitive cycling. Holders of an Elite, Master 30 or Master 40 licence are not eligible to compete in this category.

Female Master. A woman who must be 30 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held. Must hold an approved Master’s licence for competitive cycling. Holders of an Elite licence are not eligible to compete in this category.


A team consists of a minimum of three (3) participants, two (2) men and one (1) woman, and a maximum of five (5) persons, three (3) men and two (2) women.

Each team member competes individually in his or her respective category. In other words, the team is not obliged to stay together.

Once the race has started, no changes or substitutions are permitted.

Participants who are disqualified, withdrawn, etc., from the event, cease to be part of the team.

If a team loses members to less than two (2) men and one (1) woman, it is out of the team classification.

The team classification is established by the sum of the times of the two (2) best men and the (1) best woman, regardless of their individual category. If a team has more than three members, the times of the other team members are discarded.

For the classification of each stage, the three (3) best members of a team, two (2) men and one (1) woman, may be different each day. The overall ranking is the sum of the three (3) best team members, two (2) men and one (1) woman, according to their absolute final overall ranking.

The best team in the final ranking will be awarded.



Each stage has a prize-giving ceremony for each category.

The first 5 participants in each category and the corresponding leaders of the race have a podium ceremony, attendance at which is compulsory.

At the final prize-giving ceremony, the first 5 finishers in each category and the best classified in the team category of the general classification are immediately called to the podium, once everyone has crossed the finish line.

Prize money is awarded in the Elite categories, the amounts of which follow the UCI regulations.

Prize money is paid by bank transfer after the race. After the race, the organisers will ask the prize-winners, via e-mail, for all the documentation required for payment.

If the organisation does not receive a reply from the winner within 3 months from the last day of the race, it will understand that the participant waives the right to receive the corresponding prize money.


The starts lines of each stage will be distinguished by boxes of participants according to their categories. For safety reasons, the starts may be neutralised up to a point where the competition begins.

In addition, the organisers may modify the finishing point of each stage if the safety of the event so requires. In both cases, this information will be clearly provided to the participants.


A rider or team can be penalised or disqualified for any of the following (the refereeing team shall have the power to issue warnings, if it considers it appropriate, before applying a penalty):

10.1. Failing to respect the waymarked route or course signage for short-cutting.

10.3. Refusing to wear the race bib, cutting it off or giving it up.

10.4. Changing or modifying the markings on the material provided by the organisation.

10.5. Throwing litter during the race.

10.6. Preventing another runner from being overtaken or hindering another runner.

10.7. Not carrying the material required by the organisation at each checkpoint.

10.8. Disregarding the indications of the organisers, referees, marshals or collaborators (Civil Guard, Civil Protection, etc.).

10.9. Not passing through any of the chip control points.

10.10. Not wearing or not putting on any of the material indicated by the organisation.

10.11. Requesting help without needing it.


11.1. Causing a sporting incident (aggression or insult) to a competitor, member of the organisation, member of the official team or spectator.

11.2. Voluntarily causing an accident.

11.3. It will be the responsibility of the race committee to establish the penalties and the severity of these, which will range from disqualification to expulsion from the event according to the criteria of severity and proportionality of the same.


Participation is limited to strictly standard models with pedal-assist system, with a maximum power of 250w and a power limiter that cuts off at 25km/h. The event will have staff to ensure that all ebikers participate in the maximum equality of technical conditions. It will not be allowed to compete with more than one battery and this will be marked at the start of the race and checked at the end of it.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse the participation of E-bikes in some of the stages in accordance with the environmental regulations of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.


The Race Directors may suspend, shorten, modify, neutralise or stop the race for safety reasons or for reasons of force majeure beyond their control and not attributable to the organisation (weather, variations in water flow, etc.).

The Commissaires Sportifs are responsible for the Mandatory Checkpoints. Failure to obey the instructions of a Commissaire Sportif may result in disqualification. Participants may not complain or question the stewards about the rules, classifications, routes, etc.


All complaints will be accepted upon payment of a €50 deposit. This deposit will only be refunded if the organisation considers the complaint to be justified. Complaints must be made in writing and must comply with a minimum format, which must include the following:

  • Name and surname of the person making the complaint.
  • National Identity Card/ Passport
  • Name and surname(s) of the athlete(s) concerned.
  • Bib number
  • Alleged facts.

Complaints concerning the provisional classifications may be submitted up to 30 minutes after their publication.


The organisers reserve the right to suspend the race in the event of force majeure, under alert from the competent authorities and/or adverse weather conditions. In such a case, registration fees will not be refunded and participants’ expenses will not be covered.


The formalisation of the registration in the Transgrancanaria Bike implies the acceptance of the provisions contained in these regulations.

These regulations may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the organisation, as well as any other data, rule or section for the optimum running of the race. By registering, the participant accepts these rules and regulations.